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Re: Who to contact??? [Thorough List]
« Reply #8 on: June 03, 2015, 01:32:07 AM »
"Owner refuses to keep grass cut - who should I contact?
Call the Police at 330-742-8926. The City Council of Youngstown
has raised the infraction to the level of a misdemeanor 3, and can
only be enforced by the Police"

uhhhhh..folks, I'm all for having people cut the grass...but this is a CIVIL
matter, not a CRIMINAL matter.   If someone isn't cutting the grass,
talk to them first, FINE them second, put a LIEN on their property
if the city has to send someone out and do it FOR them.  Let the civil
system handle it.

I can't WAIT until someone challenges this ordinance in the court system.
Youngstown Police Department has much more important and serious matters
that need to be busting drug dealers over the OTHER kind
of "grass".....(heroin, crack, etc)
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Re: Who to contact??? [Thorough List]
« Reply #7 on: June 02, 2015, 03:29:50 PM »
Will someone please update this contact list.

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Re: Who to contact??? [Thorough List]
« Reply #6 on: February 23, 2014, 09:48:52 PM »
Do people actually get garage Sale permits?
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Re: Who to contact??? [Thorough List]
« Reply #5 on: February 22, 2014, 02:48:37 PM »
Hi I just found this site after trying to figure out why my police scanner site went down..first post...anyway. 
Don't waste your time calling anyone about a snowed in vehicle.  When a parking snow BAN is put on, this is for the plowtruck driver to report because he can't pass to continue plowing.  There are instances where people park directly across from each other on oppsing sides....Usually the driver just doesn't go any further and for some reason nobody calls.  These are the same people that disregard the snow BAN park the same way in the summer making for problems all year long. 
Anyway once the BAN has been lifted and if it's legal topark on the street, the police can't do anything.  I know it's a bit inconsiderate to neighbors but the drivers are working people and don't want to see taxpayers get stuck with a tow and impound bill.....They just move on after calling in the blockage and if (while the BAN is on it gets towed) the driver is told and will return to clear the road.


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Re: Who to contact??? [Thorough List]
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2007, 05:52:56 PM »
How about parked cars that are under the snow? They haven't been moved in weeks.

I'd call the police department and have them check it. They can tag the vehicle and if it's still there after a set amount of time, they will have it towed.

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Re: Who to contact??? [Thorough List]
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2007, 04:36:39 PM »
How about parked cars that are under the snow? They haven't been moved in weeks.


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Re: Who to contact??? [Thorough List]
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2007, 02:35:21 AM »
'Who ya gonna call?' List

Board of Control - 330-742-8724
Building & Grounds - Public Works 330-742-8700
Building Inspection-Public Works -330-742-8800
Civil Service Commission 330-742-8798
City Council Clerk - 330-742-8709
C.D.A.. - Administrative 330-744-0854
C.D.A. - Housing 330-744-1261
Housing & Demolition 330-742-8888
Economic Development 330-744-1708
Engineering - Public Works 330-742-8800
Finance - General 330-742-8724
Computer/Tech-Finance 330-742-8734
Income Tax-Finance 330-742-8739
Fire - Administration 330-747-7403
Fire - Battalion Chiefs 330-742-8679
Fire - Investigation 330-742-8871
Fire - Inspection 330-742-8679
Health Department AIDS Division 330-743-3333 Ext. 241
Air Pollution Control Division 330-743-3333 Ext 284
Environmental Health Division 330-743-3333 Ext 230
Nursing Division 330-743-3333 Ext. 261
Human Relations 330-746-3240
Law - Administration 330-742-8874
Prosecutor’s Office-Law 330-742-8791
Litter Control & Recycle - Public Works 330-744-7526
Mayor’s Office 330-742-8701
Municipal Clerk of Court 330-742-8860
Municipal Court - Judge Douglas 330-742-8857
Municipal Court - Judge Milich 330-742-8855
Municipal Court - Judge Kobly 330-742-8853
Municipal Court - Administration 330-742-8844
Municipal Court - Assignment 330-742-8767
Municipal Court - Probation 330-742-8848
Park & Recreation - Administration 330-742-8711
Park & Recreation - Golf Course 330-743-5370
Planning Office 330-742-8842
Police Chief Jimmy Hughes 330-741-8921
Accident Investigators Lt. William Rafferty 330-742-8946
Captain’s Office A,B,C Patrol 330-742-8950
Commander of 911 Center Capt. Joseph Fergus
Crime Lab - Det/Sgt Joseph DeMatteo 330-742-8738
Crime Stoppers - Det/Sgt Elrico Alli 330-746-CLUE
Desk Area 330-743-8926/8927
Detective Bureau - Captain Kenneth Centorame 330-742-8911
Family Investigation Services Unit De/Sgt John Perdue 330-743-9380
Golden Alert Program - Golden Gazette Editor - Dee Scotchie 330-742-8959
Internal Affairs - Lt. Rod Foley - 330-742-8948
Index - 330-742-8916
Jail Unit - 330-742-8901
Network Administrator - Richard Kane 330-742-8942
Planning & Training - Det/Sgt Dephine Baldwin-Casey 330-743-2021
Public Information Officer - Det/Sgt Elrico Alli - 330-742-8812
Records Room Commander Capt. Martin Kane 330-742-8891
Records Room Information 330-742-8905
Task Force Administrator Lt. Robin Lees 330-781-6414
Street Crime Unit - Det/Sgt Kevin Mercer 330-743-2500
Towed or Stolen Vehicles - Debbie Cato - 330-742-8946/8947
Vice Squad - Lt. David McKnight - 330-742-8951
East Side Crime Watch Substation - Ms. Annie Hall 330-742-8972
Risk Management 330-742-8719
Sign Shop-Traffic Engineer -330-743-1494
Signal Shop - Traffic Engineer 330-743-1494
Street - Public Works 330-742-8693
Waste Water - Public Works- 330-742-8818
Waste Water - Electrical 330-742-8820
Water Department - 330-742-8746
Water Engineer/Construction 330-742-8760
Call Ohio Edison Concerning Street Light Problems


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Who to contact??? [Thorough List]
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2007, 02:28:33 AM »
The following is reprinted from the July 8, 2006 Youngstown Police Golden Gazette. It is a fairly comprehensive list of who to contact in the city for various types of problems. Feel free to add or make corrections to this list.

Banner displays in downtown Youngstown - who should I contact?
Call Coletta Marsco for the proper permits at 330-742-8815.

Birth or Death certificates - who should I contact?
Call the Vital Statistics Division of the Health Department at 330-743-333 ext. 222, 223, 224 or 225.

Business assistance/ideas - who should I contact?
Call the Community Development Agency at 330-744-0854 or 330-744-0936. You should also call Economic Development at 330-744-1708.

City Income tax questions - who should I contact?
Call Daniel Brott at 330-742-8739. You can also call the Regional Income Tax Agency
(R.I.T.A.) at 330-743-3400.

City Council Meetings - when are they?
City Council meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday from the 3rd week of September through the 3rd week of June. Summer recess begins with the fourth Wednesday of June through the second Wednesday of September, both inclusive. The Council meeting begins at 5:30 PM.

Civil Service exams - how do I find out about them?
Examination announcements are distributed to various local service agencies throughout the city, various departments in the city, and are posted at the Civil Service Office. Announcements may also be posted in the Youngstown Vindicator Sunday Help wanted Section, the YSU Jambar, and the Buckeye Review. You can also call Civil Service at 330-742-8798.

Councilperson - how do i find out who is in charge of my ward?
Your residence determines who your councilperson would be You can contact the Council office at 330-742-8708 or 330-742-8709. You can go to, click on Departments, click on Council, then click on City Ward map and follow the directions.

Dead animal - who should I contact?
Call Public Works at 330-742-8800 between 8 AM to 4 PM; or call 911 after hours.

Demolishing houses - who does it?
The Demolition Division of Public Works creates bids on houses that need to be demolished. Various contractors are awarded these contracts.

Discrimination - who should I contact?
Call Human Relations at 330-746-3240.

Driver’s license, where can I obtain or renew one?
To obtain a driver’s license in Mahoning County you must contact the Highway Patrol Station 330-702-0948. You can renew a driver’s license at: 1) 330-783-3223 - 3626 Market Street; 2) 330-746-4621 - Gypsy Lane; or 3) 330-799-9747 - 2950 Mahoning Avenue.

Drug House next door - who should I contact?
Call the Police Vice Squad at 330-742-8951.

Electrical wires/poles hanging or falling - who should I contact.
Call Ohio Edison at 1-800-633-4766.

Engineering records information - who should I contact?
Call Ryan Velk in Engineering at 330-742-8806 for more information on records and sewer locations.

Federal Plaza information - who should I contact?
Call Claire Maluso at 330-744-1708 ext. 204.

Flooding infrastructure issues - who should I contact?
Call Chuck Shasho in Engineering at 330-742-8800 or e-mail him at Cshasho@Cityof with your questions or concerns.

Garage Sale permit - who should I contact?
Go to the City Cashier’s office located on the third floor of City Hall - 26 S. Phelps Street. The permit is good for three consecutive days and can only be purchased five times a year. You can also go to www.cityofyoungstownoh.or, click on Departments, click on Finance, then click on On-line Forms to
download a copy of the permit application.

Grass cutting - who should I contact?
Call the Engineering Department at 330-742-8706.

Illegal dumping - who should I contact?
Contact Litter Control & Recycling at 330-744-7526 to report any illegal dumping.

Land Bank/property information - who should I contact?
Call Karen Jackson at 330-742-8833.

Legal Aid - who should I contact?
Call North East Ohio Legal Services at 330-744-3l96. The Youngstown Law department only represents the City of Youngstown.

Loud neighbors, car radios or boom boxes - who should I contact?
Contact the Police Department at 330-742-8926.

Map of property sewer line - who should i contact?
Contact the Sewer Permit Desk and Map Room weekdays at 26 South Phelps Street, 5th floor of City Hall or call 330-742-8806 for assistance. The information from the permit when the line was installed should be on file in this office.

Ordinances - who should I contact?
Call City Council at 330-742-8709 to purchase a copy of any City Ordinance.

Owner refuses to keep grass cut - who should I contact?
Call the Police at 330-742-8926. The City Council of Youngstown has raised the infraction to the level of a misdemeanor 3, and can only be enforced by the Police.

Parking ticket disputes - who should I contact?
Call Ampco System Parking at 330-747-7678. The Parking Ticket division of the Youngstown Municipal Clerk of Court department only collects the monies from the parking tickets.

Pot holes in the street - who do I contact?
If there are potholes to fill call the Street Department at 330-744-3179.

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