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Where I live, it is as quiet as a graveyard at Midnight. The only time I hear gun shots is on the 4th of July and New Years.

I tend to want to know the nature of a police response to my neighborhood.  Are they there to take a report or are they responding to criminal activity in progress?  If it is criminal activity in progress, some neighbors spread the word quickly to other neighbors via email and neighborhood group texting.

Nicholas Serra:
I think several of the situations you mentioned are reasons to keep it open. But I hear what you're saying. My main point here is that various neighborhoods use it for neighborhood watch and information. Wick Park and Rocky Ridge for sure. Unsure of which others. I have already voiced my opinion to the mayor and 4th ward. I'll be escalating soon.

You missed the point. In the past, there was no problem with the public listening to every single police call, but times have changed.

Police being killed in the line of duty
Police Departments being charged with police brutality
Drug gangs
Police officers shooting civilians

Sure, I would like to be able to hear every single word that every Youngstown Police Officer says. I would also like to have access to view what the camera's in the cars and on the officers vest 100% of the time, but how is that going to make me or my neighbors safer?

I would like to trust the Police to do their job without being able to listen to every word they utter.

By listening to a scanner am I going to be able to stop a crime?

Am I going to make my neighborhood safer?

OK so you and a lot of others are opposed to any method that would block the public from hearing all the police calls, and it's up to you to make a good case to City Council, so are you going to ask to speak on this issue?

Nicholas Serra:
I think the switch to digital will add another layer of security to the system. But it's specifically the encryption i'm against.


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