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Re: Best Dining In Town
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That's absolutely right Jay ... NOT IN YOUNGSTOWN ... but they are close to me and mine, and I'm not as hung up on only shopping and eating at stores and restaurants in Youngstown as you are. Most of my trade is in the Belmont strip ... my bank ... my shoe store ... my doctors and Dentests ... where I buy my clothing ... my grocery store ... my hair dresser ... my book store ... my electronics store ... my music store ... so why should I ram all over town just to be able to say that I eat and do my business in Youngstown? In one single trip I can get all by business done on Belmont Avenue and be done with my monthly shopping in a single morning. Oh, and by the way, my friend who takes me shopping is the same way including buying his gas.
I'm also as sure as I can be that many of our members do 90% of their business in Boardman, but for me and mine the Belmont strip is just ginger peachy and with fewer headachs traffic wise.
Oh, and by the way, that is why I placed this post in Mahoning Valley In General and not in the Youngstown forum, and the last time I looked the Belmont strip is in the Mahoning Valley.
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Re: Best Dining In Town
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In Town??   Most of the eateries listed aren't even in Mahoning County!


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Re: Best Dining In Town
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BELLERIA – 5718 Belmont Ave.
BOB EVANS – 3818 Belmont Ave.
Casa Ramirez Mexican Restaurant – 4055 Belmont Ave.
Charlie’s Grill Subs – 3119 Belmont Avenue
China Express – 2899 Belmont Ave.
Fortune Garden – 4245 Belmont Ave.
Golden Hunan Restaurant – 3309 Belmont Ave.
Hooka Café – 3101 Belmont Ave.
Kentucky Fried Chicken – 3717 Belmont Ave.
Kravitz Delicatessen – 3135 Belmont Ave.
Little Caesars Pizza – 3551 Belmont Ave.
Long John Silver’s – 3560 Belmont Ave.
Main Moon Chinese Restaurant – 1760 Belmont Ave.
McDonalds – 3630 Belmont Ave.
Noni’s – 4042 Belmont Ave.
Pizza Hut  3903 Belmont Ave.
Rotelli Italian Grille – 4698 Belmont Ave.
Subway 1 – 3134 Belmont Ave.
Subway 2 – 4501 Belmont Ave.
Taco Bell – 3551 Belmont Ave.
Uptown Pizza – 2940 Belmont Ave.
Wendy’s – 3850 Belmont Ave.
Youngstown Crab Company – 3917 Belmont Ave.


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Best Dining In Town
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Tired of pizza. soups and sandwiches? Searching for a real meal for a change? Seeking a perfect dining experience at reasonable prices? Then you need to frequent the Belmont corridor with it it’s many and varied restaurants with the widest range of food styles where quality really matters. Eat in, take out, but whet your appetite with the best food in town.