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  • Work of Hope Tour: February 12, 2013

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Work Of Hope Tour - Tuesday, February 12
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Work of Hope Tour

Tuesday, February 12, 6:00 pm

- Location -
Main Library
Wick Avenue
Youngstown, Ohio

Rich Harwood, the founder of the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation and a national business, community and political expert, award-winning author and change agent will be kicking off the Work of Hope Tour in Youngstown, OH!

The Harwood Institute is leading the fight for a different approach to public life. And has an audacious strategy to get that done.

Rich will be discussing the findings from his latest book and report The Work of Hope, and the implications for the people in the Youngstown area and beyond.

The Harwood Institute inspires and guides people to Turn Outward and take action rooted in the community and stay true to themselves.

The Value proposition: If you Turn Outward and become more intentional in the judgments and choices you make in creating change, you will produce greater impact and relevance in your community.