Author Topic: "Eastside's second oldest black cemetary in Ohio"  (Read 2367 times)

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Re: "Eastside's second oldest black cemetary in Ohio"
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there is a grp on the eastside that is fighting the gas and oil co. from fracking on cemetary property. is this your grp ytownshrimp?

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"Eastside's second oldest black cemetary in Ohio"
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On the eastside as you follow Liberty road north, it will deadend at Mount Hope Cemetary, the second oldest black cemetary in Ohio.  This does not mean to say that it is exclusive to people of color, rumour has it that Marilyn Monroe's father is buried there after a fatal accident traveling through Youngstown.
The cemetary fell behind in management and taxes and was basically abandoned but not neglected.  Our company cleared up the taxes and now have title to the property.  Recently, the cemetary was in the news because a grad student wrote a thesis about its past.
It is the intention of the company to donate the cemetary acreage to  the black community and organize the operation of the cemetary.  It is our wish to seek input and assistance from the Youngstown community in this endeavor.  Any help or ideas from this forum would be prized.     
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