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Re: Where's Allan?
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Sorry you have not seen me around on the boards.  I have been dealing with some health issues,
as well as taking care of my mother who had a major knee surgery and a stroke a while ago.

The web site goes offline whenever we have a cable outage here ( my IP address changes when it
comes back and the site has to be re-pointed to the new address).

I am still stuck in a Mexican stand-off with the city over the apartment building at Bryson and Woodbine.   
The city wants the building gone   ( and  **I DON'T**  blame them for this at all... ),  but I do not have
the funds to tear it down.

I had an interested buyer a while ago, but the city scared him away by telling him the they would come
after him the minute he became the new owner - because of their beef with me.   I wrote a letter directly
to Mayor Sammarone,  stating my case for finding a new owner with the financial resources to finish
rehabbing the place, but the response I got only re-iterated what has already been said in the past
by the city.

Now the city wants me to appear for an appeals hearing this month - this is after I already explained to his honor,
Mayor Sammarone,  that I do not have any leave  accumulated at my job ( haven't been there long enough... )
and cannot leave it to come to Youngstown and formally repeat what I have already explained to him in great
detail  when I wrote my letter to his honor the Mayor.

At this point, I am ( LITERALLY ) sick, tired, and seriously considering the sale of my own home - which I have
owned for the last eighteen years,  to try and figure out a solution to the whole mess.   The city's continued
threats will NOT magically produce the funds required to demolish or rebuild it,   no matter how long they persist
in their current  course of action.

They have threatened arrest on more than one occasion.  Building code violations have been made into a criminal
offense by means of a city ordinance that was passed last year.  That fact that these are misdemeanors, and the
fact that I live 300 miles outside their jurisdiction means that they cannot "come to Maryland to get me" over such
an infraction of their local ordinance.  In any other jurisdiction, this would be considered a civil matter.

What do I want to do now?

a) find a new owner for the apartments.  EVEN IF it means GIVING the  property away to a qualified owner who can finish
what I started with the place.  This requires the city's cooperation,  as they must agree to allow transfer of the deed
and agree to NOT immediately crucify the next owner if one can be found
The building is still structurally sound, and worth
saving.  It is a historic building (Ohio register of Historic Places) and located right in the heart of the Wick Park Historic

To build the brick shell of the building alone would cost several hundred thousand dollars at today's prices.

I would gladly give it away,  take a total loss on the property, and see it fixed up and lived in again.

b) finish the house on Woodbine and get it occupied again.  This would give me a little financial breathing
room.  Right now, I am working at a low-wage job just making ends meet.

c) dispose of my property on Elm Street, if I cannot get it fixed up after Woodbine is done and the city
has not already gone to war over that property by then.

Now you all know where I have been - and what's been going on in my life.

life really sucks, sometimes....  I'm so depressed....


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Where's Allan?
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2013, 02:53:31 PM »
Where oh where has AllanY2525 gone,
Oh where, Oh where can he be?
He sure ain't here, and we miss his wisdom,
Oh where, Oh where can he be?
Even his All Things Youngstown can't be accessed.
Oh where, Oh where has Allan gone,
Oh where Oh where can he be?
We look, and we look, but nary a sign
Of AllanY2525.